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Get High in Makiling Highlands Resort!

My friend and I wanted to have a short break from work this summer, I mean who doesn't want to have a vacation getaway in this hot season right? After a series of planning and searching for a good place to go to we ended up choosing Makiling Highlands Resorts. Makiling Highlands Resort is located in Captain Mamon Road, Pansol, Calamba, Laguna. (You can check their website for the map:

I purchased a ticket in, we booked an overnight stay for 2 with complimentary breakfast for a total of P1,995.00. It says in that the rate I purchased was a promo stating that the original price of that room was around Php 3,000.00 but apparently when we arrived, what we booked was the actual rate already, anyway, no regrets for that. We went there via my friend's car without knowing how to go there! Thank goodness for the car's gps, after many twists and turns, we finally found our destination. 

Check in starts at 2:00 pm, we arrived at around 3:30 pm. Honestly, we weren't expecting much but when we arrived, the service and place was way better than we expected. The reception is already at the entrance gate of the resort. Upon showing our voucher, they immediately handed me the forms for my signature, gave our voucher for the food and let us in. 

The place was bigger than what we have in mind since it is located at the foot of Mt. Makiling and the resort itself is several miles away from the main entrance. We were welcomed by their staff who immidiately guided us to the parking lot, helped us with ur stuff and led us to our room. From that point only, I knew we were up for a nice and relaxing overnight stay. They really have good and fast service considering the size and distance of one place to another. 

The ambience of the resort was very peaceful. Even though there's a karaoke playing simultaneously, it doesn't have that "place filled with noisy people" feel. I don't know why, but you can really feel like you're already separated from the outside world. They have 3 separated swimming pools and slides. Unfortunately, the slides were closed during that time. The pool for adult is not too deep, so it's not advisable for diving. They have lots of tables and cottages for rent if you won't avail a room and many grilling areas are scattered all over the place, some tables have their own faucet and sink. In terms of convenience in utilities, this place is passed the test.

Their rooms was placed nicely in an elevated area that makes it look very unique and nice. Our room was small, its like a box, but clean and very comfortable. It just lack a little closet or storage for stuff. The rest room also was clean,only thing, there was no hot option in the shower.  All in all we like it. We also have a great view in the window oveer looking the resort. 


We totally messed up the clean room. Haha!
We didn't had dinner because we brought so many snacks which is better because they don't have a cafeteria or place where you can eat dinner, only a small store that offers chips, souvenir items and toiletries.  But they do have food delivery from Max's Monte Vista.  They have billiards that you can rent for Php 100 an hour and table tennis. We played then went swimming for a short time,too bad that the other pool was closed for cleaning so we were only able to swim in the adult pool (that is not deep at all).

The following day,our free breakfast was delivered to our room. It came from Max's Monte Vista. They have few breakfast to choose from but it was good to begin your day with. I chose tocilog and my friend had bangsilog. The inclusive drink was tetrapack juice, that's the downfall. haha
Ah! That awesome feeling to have breakfast in bed! :)
 We didn't do much the following day because our check out time was at noon. So we just walked around the place and saw how big it was. They offer several services, such as educational tour, seminar, events, parties, they also have lots of private pools with rooms that is perfect for big groups and can be rented in an affordable rate, around P5,000-P6,000. The resort is also perfect for team buildings because they have a very nice team bulding facility and facilitator, they can customize the package depending on your group size and needs. It is also nice forphotoshoots, they have a nice mini hanging bridge, a tree house and lots of green areas.

Team building facility

Upon check out, we didn't noticed that we extended an hour from our 11 pm check out time written on the deposit slip. But it was really an accident because the check out time written on our voucher was 12 pm, considering this, the receptionist was kind enough to wave the P500.00 that we were supposed to pay as extension fee, that made us a happy customer. 

All in all , we had a great time. So glad that we chose this place. In the future, I would love to bring my family there and suggest the venue for team buidling activities. Sometimes, Makiling Highlands Resorts have promos in group buying sites such as Metrodeal.

This place is of good value for what it's worth, the entrance fee to the pool alone isalso very cheap. Just check out their website and facebook account for more details. 

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