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Create Memories at Precious Moments Restaurant & Gift Shop!

I've been eyeing this place for a long time already. The name itself always make me wonder what surprises are waiting inside everytime the bus on the way to the office pass by it. Then, living in Makati during weekdays brought me closer to this place until finally! I was able to try having dinner here with my dormates. There are so many things to commend in this place, first, its irresistable cuteness and adorable displays! They change their decorations after several months that's why,expect to have different ambiance every visit. Secondly,the service. So far based from our visit, the staff are very nice, attentive and accomodating. The place feels very home-like and kinda have that antique and dainty feel. And of course, the food, they are nice just like the place. So here goes a detailed review:

We ordered hot tea in a pot, because we want something light for dinner. The tea was nice and refreshing, if I can remember correcty, it was Orange-citrus or Orange-lemon tea, something like that.

Hot Tea in Pot Php 60.00
Then, for our first meal, the huge Samburger, which they are also known for. This is an 8-inch burger that can be shared by 4 people. It is accompanied by potato chips and is very cheap! I mean, for a huge burger, it really is cheap! It has good amount of patty , veggies and sauce. It's delicious, considering the price but a bit watery that the bread somehow turned soggy in the end, maybe because of the veggies. You must try this or else your visit won't be complete.

Samburger w/chips Php 137.00

We also ordered their Classic Carbonara which is not that classic. For me, classic is having that usual cheesy, creamy and miky carbonara taste but this one has more unique and distinct flavor than the usual Carbonara. You can really taste the herbs and olives exploding in your mouth which minimizes that creamy and heavy taste of the pasta. The serving was good for 3-4 people.

Classic Carbonara Php 260.00
For desserts, we also had their very special cupcakes. It is very affordable and delicious. For a Php 50.00 cupcake, it is absolutely worth it! 

Various cupcakes at Php 50.00 each
My favorite is this orange cupcake. I fell inlove with just one bite! The zest really kicks in as soon as you bite it, the frosting was light and refreshing, then a delightful jelly-like orange filling awaits at the center of the cake. I really recommend this cupcake!
My second favorite is this banana and carrot cupcake. This is also good because you can really taste the flavors. Though I find the texture of the cake kind of rough, maybe its because of the carrots. The frosting looks cute.

I'm responsible for picking the next cupcake. It reminded me of the delicious Alcapone donut of J.Co that's why I chose it and it didn't disappoint. If you love nuts, you'll like this cupcake.
Lastly is this dark coffee cupcake. If you love chocolate and coffee,then this is for you. The cake is moist, a perfect match for the thickness of the chocolate frosting, then inside you'll find dark chocolate to tone down the sweetness of the frosting and cake plus a coffee bean on top.
That endedour meal. There are still so many food on their menu that we wanted to try but we were already full by then. Below is their menu for reference.

They also have a private room called "Pineapple Room" good for about 12 people perfect for intimate gatherings, the room rate is Php 5,000, which is consumable plus no time limit, pretty cool huh? Asides fom this, they have packages for parties, catering, etc. 

This place is not only a restaurant but also a gift shop! They offer wide variety of Precious Moments items, perfect for souveniers, gifts or simply as collection! Your eyes will enjoy every side and corner of this place. More photo below.

 We will definitely go back to this place! Moments are Precious in Precious Moments Restaurant & Gift Shop!

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