Huwebes, Agosto 20, 2015

Furry Friends at Velvet Friends Cat Cafe

I have always wanted to go to a cat or dog cafe after reading so many things about it on the internet. That's why I'm so happy that one cat cafe finally opened in a very convenient place for me. I'm talking about Velvet Friends Cat Cafe at the Blue Bay Walk Pasay City. My friends and I were able to purchase 50% promo via Metro deal and it was really worth it especially for a first timer like me! Without the discount, their rates are  P190 for children below 10 years old and senior citizens, P240 for students and P290 for regular customers. This already includes a 1 hour stay in their cat haven & a free milkshake. 

Upon entry, you will be greeted by a very fun and cat themed room. Their decoration is simply adorable and every corner screams cat! 

Their sweet treats are also embelished with cats decoration.

I am happy with their price range, very affordable , delicious and of good value.

I tried their strawberry milkshake while my friends had vanilla milkshake and boy it was so delicious!

For an Php 85 milkshake, it was really good. The shake is made of pure ice cream so what you'll get is a glass of full creamy and flavor packed drink. 

We waited for the first group to finish because we want to enjoy a less crowded space. The room accomodates maximum of 15 person. 

Just a few notes if you plan to visit the place. 
- Bring socks. Yes, no shoes allowed inside the "haven".
- Worry not about bringing many stuff as they have lockers for your bags. Only cameras/phones are allowed to be brought inside the haven.
- Wear something comfortable, especially if you want to go after those meow meows who choose to retreat in the unreachable corners of the room.
- Worry not about the fur sticking on your clothes. Velvet's got a lint roller. 

Checking out the cats while waiting.

Rules inside the cat haven.


Now it's time to go inside! Their friendly staff will orient you first about the do's and don'ts inside to ensure harmonious visit with their furry friends! Someone will also orient you about the personalities of each cat, like who wants to be touched, who hates people, etc. 
Cute I.D.'s to identify your time

Inside the haven. How I wish I have this in my house.

Real life Garfield!!!
The gentle giant. He keeps on avoiding me though. Haha!

They have toys that you can use to win their heart.

This is one of the most expensive cat they have, it costs around Php 150 thousand pesos!

This cat is Mr. Snob, he doesn't want to be touched or carried.
Helloo cutie pie!

Cats trying to get away from us! haha

1-hour bonding with many cats is enough to play with them & take unlimited photos (and yes, selfies) with the gang. Just no use of flash please Their cats are harmless, but of course guests are expected to be gentle on them. Velvet Friends hosts14 cats of many breeds. From ragdolls, to british short-hair to puspins (pusang pinas), they're all here. Some are playful, one can be grumpy, another seem to be lazy. Whatever their traits are, one thing's for's cuteness overload!

Best time to go is either early morning (store opens at 11AM) or late afternoon (dusk to evening) as most of our feline friends are into "siesta"-mode from lunch til mid-afternoon.

So plan your next bonding at Velvet friends cat cafe!

Velvet Friends Cat Cafe
Unit 218 Cluster H, Blue Bay Walk EDSA cor Macapagal Blvd., 
Metro Park Bay Area, CBD, Pasay City

Sabado, Enero 3, 2015

Bigger and Better 2015 (Plus Pico De Loro Hiking Experience)

Hi all! It's been a long time since my last blog post... BUT, this doesn't mean not much happened to my life...Actually  TONS of NEW things happened to me last 2014, such a waste I wasn't able to share my great adventures. So here I am again, trying to revamp my blog. I won't PROMISE but hopefully this time I will be more  consistent or at  least try to post as many blogs as I can and I DO believe that this is a perfect year for that because I already have lots of great adventures waiting AHEAD.

Since  my purpose for this blog is not just to post  sentimental thoughts and life reflections, I'll try my best to veer away from that (since I am usually a very reflective person), but to really document by great adventures and discoveries. I'll just share some adventure highlights for 2014. Actually, for adventure I can really come up with 1 during the second half of the year, most I had were food trips but I wasn't able to document it properly.. So I'll just share with you my PICO DE LORO adventure.

PICO DE LORO is a very popular hiking spot located in Maragondon Cavite. It was my first time to climb it and was happy with the whole experience I'd definitely try it again! Don't get me wrong, this is my second time to hike  but the first one was on Mt. Palay Palay which is about 1-2 hours climb only. Comparing the two spots, Pico de Loro has many things  to offer that the former doesn't have.

 When my bf told us that it's going to be a 3 hours hike, I suddenly imagined the difficulty of the climb but I was surprised with what I encountered in our trail. One of the good things I like in Pico De Loro, is after about an hour hike, there is a camp site where you can buy food, go the the restroom and refill your water. This stop somehow gave a sense of community in a different world. I was also encouraged by the number of people I encountered in the trail, they were all friendly and always saying "Good morning" even if its in the afternoon already and just being nice. One of the most unforgettable was the man going down with  his bicycle! After the camp, the difficult trail and what seemed to be an endless path will start, this really pushed me to my limitations. Overall, it took us a total of 4 hours on our way up (with breaks and getting lost) to reach our goal. We started at around 8 am and arrived at 12:30 pm. 

The view up there was amazing, you can also sleep at the top if you want, many of them do that.
But what really surprised me was seeing STORES! They are selling Mais Con Yelo, Halo Halo, Chips and drinks, water refill, you can even ask them to cook Pancit Canton or open a canned good. What great reward especially after that tedious hike up! They are a bit costly but still, I thought I will be welcomed by plain scenery but these stores up there...just PERFECT! No wonder lots of people hike this place, surely you will not have a hard time surviving because you'll be able to recharge before you go down. 

On our way down, since it was still early, we visited the Waterfalls. It's just small but still nice. 

Here are some of our pictures from the hike:

At the top, we saw another peak, it was waaaayyy higher than where we're at, it looks a lot more dangerous and challenging, but looks more fulfilling once reached. I think it will take 7 hours of trekking...So double the amount of pain I experienced! haha! But maybe someday, I'll put that on my bucket list. :D

Sorry if this isn't that informative, there  are many details to share but since this is a spur in a moment post, I'll make it up for it on my future posts. So that's it for one of my great adventure and looking forward for many many more this year! 

Happy 2015 to all!