Linggo, Mayo 4, 2014

Food trip at Dinersoft Restaurant

Dinersoft is a small restaurant located in Imus Cavite near Our Lady of Pilar Hospital. We happened to stop by the place on our way to a different sisig food place that my friend wanted to try because the Dinersoft's exterior caught our eyes. The place was pretty crowded from the outside but they have lots of seats inside.

The place was small but neat and accomodating. Despite the number of people that time, the ambience was relaxing and doesn't have that "hurry-up-order-eat-and-go" feeling. From the looks of it, I thought their food would be expensive but it is very affordable.

They offer grilled food, soup, pasta, sandwiches,rice meals, viands, sizzling plate, "silog" meals, and also coffee, frappe and for the desserts, you have to ask the waiter because it is not written on the menu.

For the appetizer, we ordered tacos. It was really cheap and can be shared by 2 people already.We love the dressing and fillings inside, there were generous amount of cheese, veggies, meat and everything else.  

Tacos (P85.00)
We devoured the tacos!
One of my friend ordered "Imus Longganisa Pasta". We were so excited about this one because its the first time for us to encounter this dish. By the way, this is also one of their best sellers. We were not disappointed. Their serving is good for one only but the three of us tried it anyway. It was plated nicely. The flavor of the pasta is different than usual, not too creamy, not too oily and not too dry. There were plenty of crispy longganisa, I mean, we ordered Imus Longganisa Pasta and truly, that's what we get, lots of longganisa. Together, the flavors blend perfectly.
Imus Longganisa Pasta (P135.00) 
My other friend ordered another best seller on the menu, baby back ribs. This one is also of good value and oh-so-soft and delicious. The sauce was nice and the ribs was super soft and chewy. We cannot stop saying "wow, sarap, hmm, okay to, good." while eating because it was sooo savory good. The serving was also generous for one, I wonder how delicious their whole baby back ribs would be.
Baby Back Ribs w/ Rice(P125.00)
And for my meal, I chose the all time and all day breakfast favorite, tapsilog. I wasn't expecting much because its just a typical tapsilog. The plating was nothing special, just the usual tapsi meal look but what I like about this one comes with the softness of the tapa. That is one factor that sets it apart from the other tapsi meals. The flavors was nice, not too strong but not too bland and boy it was chewy.My friends were joking if there is also something different with the egg, haha.  I'm very happy with my simple choice.

Tapsilog (P85.00)
We were already so full that's why we didn't order any drinks or desserts but for sure, we will come back to this place again to try out their other dishes! Our curiousity was fully  satisfied, nice ambience combined with yummy foods resulted to a quality time and meaningful girl talk. 
Happy Tummies!
Happy Girls!

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