Biyernes, Enero 8, 2016

Buku Buku Cafe : Perfect Place for Books & Food Lovers

Cavite is a fast developing place, with malls and various establishments being constructed side by side. I have lived in DasmariƱas city for more than 10 years and all these new establishments excites me. However, working in Metro Manila and seeing all the wonderful places to eat and explore there makes me hope to see more of that in Cavite. Especially to have more themed cafes and unique restaurants that me and my friends can spend quality time together.

So glad that Buku Buku Cafe opened in one popular mall here in Cavite. Located at the ground floor of Promenade wing of The District Mall Imus.

It has unique interior decoration and when you enter the ambience is very calm, peaceful and perfect for an alone time or quality time with friends. The openness of glass walls makes use of natural light instead of those harsh bulb you usually experience in some fast foods/restaurants.

Who wouldn't love the books hanged on the ceiling combined with wooden pieces with pops of color here and there.

I also like how they make the place interactive and friendly such as this "Hugot Board" where you can place messages or whatever you have in mind.

You can read this book if you want to pass time, but if I remember correctly they will ask for a valid I.D before you can bring a book on your table.

Nice selection of tea... they also have a gift shop besides the counter where I found some interesting stuff. Too bad i was not able to take a photo :(

I like the variety of their menu. You can eat here if you are looking for something heavy. Unlike those cafe who only offer drinks, pastries and cakes. The prices of food are also worth the quality of what they will serve you.

Just look at this pulled pork sandwhich that my friend ordered! It is so heavy , you can even share this for 2! The plating is also adorable right? :)

I forgot the name of his drink but it is very delicious and as you can see, has generous amount of toppings! I just went for a simple mint lemonade.

At that time, the first 2 desserts I ordered where not available, so I just chose this banana fruit cake displayed at the counter. it was okay, nothing different from other banana cakes I had.

I forgot the name of this cake but it was one of their best seller and boy it is really good! It's not very sweet but the richness of the chocolate both in the cake and frosting is superb! It was so filling we were not able to finish it. haha

Then comes another fun part, board games! I so love this element in the cafe and I'm very happy we have this type of place here in Cavite!

Overall Rate:
Ambience = 10
Food = 7.5
Service = 9

I would definitely come back and bring more friends with me.

Check out their facebook fanpage for more details. I believe they are preparing lots of fun activities for their costumers!

Buku Buku Cafe Facebook Page