Sabado, Mayo 4, 2013

Goodbye College! (Late Post)

Four years ago I was a little teenager excited to leave high-school and enter the world of college. Clueless of what is ahead of me so many questions in mind like who will I be? What things will I learn? Will I meet good people? Will I suffer or succeed? Be good enough to leave a mark in this new world? So eager to learn and grow. Then 4 years passed by and those questions were answered, turning me into someone beyond her expectations...

April 18, 2013, the day I was called up the stage to finally get my diploma that symbolizes the end of my college life. Who would have thought that being called in front by our Dean as Graduate of Bachelor of Arts in Communication Arts could bring such thrill even if we only had 5 seconds of exposure on stage. I thank God for a blessed four years of college and for bringing me to DLSU-D. It was a good thing that I chose this university among others because it has given me so many wonderful opportunities that I don't think will happen to me if I was in a different university far from Dasmariñas. DLSU-D was the right place for me. I truly enjoyed being a Lasallian and will always be a Lasallian. 

And so with that, I want to share with you my other official graduation pictures.

My corporate, casual and Filipiniana attire. I really love the corporate af Filipiniana  shots. :)

BTW, I have so many pending blog posts! I'm planning to do a separate blog post about  my top 10 best college experience, if I find time to do it. Then about my Boracay summer getaway last April 24-26, 2013 by which I was hired in the morning before my flight to Bora in the evening! Cool right?

Well, It has only been 2 weeks after I graduated from college and yet I feel like so many things and changes happened already. I hope I could keep my blog updated. :) 

More graduation pictures in my Facebook account: Graduation Pictures 2013

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