Miyerkules, Abril 10, 2013

My very first blog post!

Welcome to my very first blog post! At this time, I know I don't have readers yet but if you happen to stumble into my blog...Then hello to you... 

Well, after years of hesitating and not giving attention to blogging, I finally decided to begin my own blog. Not that I don't blog before, I've had blog posts in tumblr and multiply but I'm not consistent in my previous posts and updates due to hectic schedules in school. Plus the contents were really messy, I wasn't that organized in terms of blogging and don't give much attention to social interactions in the virtual world. I was a passive user of social networking sites, a lurker (and I'm hoping to change that!) not maximizing the features of a site. After some time I decided to delete my account and start fresh, and here I am writing my very first blog post! 

If you ask me what convinced me to begin my own blog, my top reason is: Graduating from college gave me more free time to blog! (Yey! No homeworks! Okay, I know career/working life is different but still, no grades!). I just don't have the luxury of time to put up a blog before because usually I'm too tired and occupied. Then, I also realized that life has so many good things worth sharing with other people and since my life is not that boring, I believe I can share some pretty good stuff too! From the title of my blog itself, Ravishing World, I plan to share all the ravishing things in this world that makes my life exciting, from my adventurous experiences, fun moments and simple things that make me happy. Just a mixture of everything in life. I also feel like blogging will make me appreciate more the things that I experience, then I will write about them so that others can appreciate those things too. 

So there, I can write so many things about myself but I'd rather let you get to know me more as I blog about my Ravishing World and all the good things that comes along with it. That's all for now!


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